How can a rich, local cultural ecology best support young people’s progression and development?


Working with young people and a wide range of cultural partners, Westway Trust is exploring how local cultural infrastructure can support young people’s skills development and progression in west London.

Using the £140,000 Challenge investment (matched by Trust) they have developed #Culturemakers; addressing the question, ‘how do we empower young people to feel entitled to shape their own cultural experiences and those of their community?’ In partnership with vInspired, young people from Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, and Westminster receive funding, support and mentoring to enable them to run their own creative social action projects.

Our hope is that #CultureMakers will open up new prospects for young people and encourage them to find out more about what this exciting industry has to offer.

Angela McConville, Chief Executive of Westway

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You can also visit their website here, follow them on Facebook here, Vimeo here, or contact Alice Mayers on 020 8962 5777 / alice.mayers@westway.org.

Photo credit: Westway Trust