Space for Change

Resources created from 2022-23 Space for Change cohort

Listener in residence

Maria Amidu was the Listener-in-Residence for A New Direction’s Space for Change programme in 2022/2023. She was witness to conversation, observer of what was bubbling up and has created an artistic response to reflect the discussions she heard. This artwork is designed to be a touchstone resource for those working in the cultural sector with children and young people as a reminder of what matters most.

Download 'Pause' (PDF version)

Tikaseh: A zine about healing

Behind the creation of this zine:

Faaria and Kyley were partnered together to work on a final project as part of their work with Space for Change. After some discussion, they agreed on a zine based around healing - it would be something tangible that can have a life outside the end of the programme; it could be a resource for others to turn to for advice/guidance.

To our networks, we posed two questions: “What does healing mean to you?” and “Where do you go find healing?”. We encouraged contributors to

respond in any creative medium they felt suited them.We hope that this zine would work to inspire you to create your own artistic response in whichever form you desire to express yourself.

Download 'Tikaseh' (PDF version)

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