Teaching for Creativity

Supporting teachers to develop young people’s creativity through a broad and diverse curriculum

Like many others, A New Direction believes that creativity is an essential skill that can be taught. Through Teaching for Creativity, we want to support schools and teachers to develop the creativity of their students, whilst also helping to broaden and diversify the curriculum in response to the combined crises currently facing young people.

The pedagogies underpinning this work come from the five Creative Habits of Mind – a concept developed from decades of research that has now been widely adopted into learning policies across the globe. The Creative Habits of Mind offer a great tool for tracking the development of creativity in students of all ages.

Learning Resources

Our Teaching for Creativity resources draw on the expertise of London’s cultural sector to provide rich learning materials that help develop young people’s resilience and ability to navigate these times. They can be used by teachers across the curriculum, and explore a range of topics including RSE, the climate crisis, and Black British history.

Teaching for Creativity currently includes nine resources, each of which is accompanied by short video CPD modules. The resources form part of our longer-term commitment to generating relevant and accessible learning materials that help us have braver conversations in the classroom and articulate the power of creativity.

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