About us

A New Direction is a London-based non-profit generating opportunities for children and young people to unlock their creativity.

We create opportunity

Why does A New Direction exist?

London is one of the greatest creative hubs in the world. Every day, thousands of the children and young people who live here are inspired by the city’s culture to unleash their own creative side. They have the chance to develop their skills, talents and passions, becoming people who can thrive in a challenging, changing world and boost our wider society.

But there are also thousands of young people who miss out on London’s creative opportunities. Barriers of inequality or simple lack of support stop young people from reaching their creative potential, which has knock-on effects for their chances of personal fulfilment and success in later life.

What is the vision of A New Direction?

Inequality is not set in stone; we can make London into a city with equal opportunities to engage with culture and be creative for all young people and children. This is our vision.

We are working towards a society where all children and young people can thrive through developing their creativity.

What does A New Direction do?

We work directly with the organisations at the front line: schools, cultural venues, local authorities and businesses. We unite those organisations to campaign for better policies that serve children and young people. We organise joint events and projects to reach a broader audience. We connect young people to mentors, work experience and inspiration.

Who does A New Direction help?

Children and young people in London and through helping them, wider society.

Our values

Our values are embedded in how we work with young people, partners, funders and as a team. They are:

  • Equity: We believe all children and young people, regardless of wealth, geography or luck should have the opportunity to take part in culture and develop their creativity. We will always work to support those individuals and communities who are experiencing barriers and challenges.
  • Culture and creativity: We believe that culture and creativity is crucial to personal and collective fulfilment, as well as critical for our economy. We place shared heritage, stories, imagination at the centre of everything we do
  • Trust: Trust is an essential part of how we realise our work and it is our belief that young people would be better served if the creative, cultural, education, and business sectors trusted young people more and worked together for their best interests.

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