Local Partnerships Forum

Sharing insights about place-based approaches to support children, young people and cultural learning

Our Local Partnerships Forum is a space for sharing practice, knowledge and learning about place-based collaboration for cultural education.

Sessions feature speakers, case studies and opportunities for leaders of local initiatives to share their experiences and practice. Many attendees are involved with a Local Cultural Education Partnership, or other strategic, place-based initiative, or are interested in getting involved with this work in some way.

Following feedback from members, in 2023/2024 A New Direction will programme two forum meetings:

  1. Peer learning, for leaders of Local Partnerships on Wednesday 11 October, 3 - 4.30pm at Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (please get in touch with Corinne Bass if you’d like to attend)
  2. Sharing of case studies and practice, for leaders of Local Partnerships and others interested in place-based working and approaches. February (time, date and location tbc).

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