Photo credit: Barbican / Sarah Ainslie

Bellingham partnership

How can we organise resources and opportunities around the renovation of an incredible local community building to make sure every child has the chance to take part?

(Lead partner; Lewisham Education Arts Network (LEAN) - £27,000 over one year)

Creative Croydon

How can we ensure young people’s voices are heard in decision making?

(Croydon Music and Arts - £75,000 over three years)

Creative Youth

How can housing associations, local cultural partners and young people work together to address barriers to cultural engagement and broaden young people’s horizons?

(Lead partner; Ovalhouse - £128,600 over three years)

Creative Schools

How can creative organisations create a combined force when working with schools?

(Lead partner; The Barbican Centre - £170,000 over three years)


What makes a place, and how can children and young people contribute to building it?

(Lead partner; Enable Leisure and Culture - £115,000 over three years)


How can a rich, local cultural ecology best support young people’s progression and development?

(Lead partner; Westway Trust - £140,000 over two years)

Getting Ready Dance

How can youth settings respond to demand for high quality dance provision, and get young London dancing?

(Lead partner; London Youth - £67,685 over two years)

ICA x Peabody Housing Trust x Kingston University

How should a cultural organisation, a housing association and a higher education institution collaborate to support access, agency and progression in communities across London?

(Lead partner; Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) - £25,000 over a year)

Music for Change

How can creative activity in early years settings prepare the under 5s for starting school?

(Lead partner; Creative Futures - £50,000 over two years)

Our Hayes, Our Heritage

How can discovering local heritage enable conversations about community, place and identity in a time of development and change?

(Lead partner; Uxbridge College - £25,014 over one year)