What we believe

Our work is underpinned some key understandings about London the place, the challenges our children and young people face in their city, and how we all need to work together differently to provide the best, most equitable cultural education and creative opportunities possible.

Economic disadvantage is the most significant barrier to cultural engagement.

We will put addressing this at the core of our programmes.

There are many opportunities but they are unevenly distributed.

We will always prioritise Outer London when we can.

Young people’s idea of art is important

We will work to bridge the divide between young Londoner’s and mainstream arts and culture.

London needs creative, highly skilled young people.

We will help young Londoners have an equal chance of getting work in the creative industries and help all young people be better equipped for the world of work.

We want new London – fueled by regeneration and housing growth – to embrace the best of creativity and culture.

We will work to embed cultural opportunity into new and developing communities.

The cultural sector needs to operate more systematically to ensure more young people can benefit from their work.

We will look at new ways to make new connections.