Our Values

Our values are the DNA of our organisation

They run through everything we do – determining our activity, guiding the way we work and behave, and influencing decision-making at every level.

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Our values are:


We believe in the talents and potential of all children and young people, and demand a fair and level playing field. We challenge the structural and systemic inequalities that influence children and young people's lives and opportunities, and prioritise those that experience these. We are committed to an inclusive working culture, where everyone who works for or with us is treated with dignity and respect. We have high expectations of those we work with to share this value and will not shy away from challenging discussions where needed.


We connect ideas, ways of working, and communities of people active in our spheres. By bringing people together, we can learn and move forward collectively; amplifying our voice and those of the children and young people we serve. We can share and challenge our thinking and approaches, identify and address gaps, pool our resources, design and deliver new and exciting opportunities, increasing our collective impact.

Trust and Respect

We listen to and respect the voices and views of all children and young people, our colleagues, partners and stakeholders, and in turn aim to earn their trust in us as a respected source of expertise and support. The trust that develops between us is our most valued asset and translates into strong, successful partnerships and genuine collaboration.

Creative Culture

We think creatively and value creativity within our team - it is an important element of what we do. Our creative culture enables us to dream and plan big, to connect in new ways, to innovate, and to create meaningful opportunities for children and young people. We believe that a creative culture at the heart of any school, place, organisation, or business can promote happiness and success, and the right conditions for children and young people to reach their potential.

We are passionate about unlocking and sharing children and young people's own concept of 'creative culture’ and exploring where individual creativity and collective culture converge.


We act with kindness and generosity, understanding the challenges that children and young people in London are facing, and the pressures experienced by colleagues, stakeholders and partners in all areas of our work. Being present, listening and understanding the needs of those we work with is vital for us to be effective in what we do. We are open and supportive, and aim to be a positive and welcoming organisation to all.