Youth Culture Revolution Ealing

Providing a high-quality universal cultural offer for all children and young people in Ealing

Youth Culture Revolution Ealing is a Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) which has been set up to ensure Ealing's diverse youth voice is empowered – particularly voices that are marginalised or hidden.

The partnership will enable this by focusing resources, testing new approaches in terms of decision making (a Youth Forum), initiating new collaborative ways of working, supporting clusters of schools and teachers, and developing a universal cultural menu offer.

Youth Culture Revolution Ealing has strong partnerships across the cultural, voluntary and educational sector, with the arts and culture service coordinating through a new co-ordinator post and a Youth Forum, led by a young apprentice.

Core partners include Ealing Council, Ealing Learning Partnership, Young Ealing Foundation, Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery, Gunnersbury Park Museum, University of West London and a group of diverse youth organisations such as Bollo Brook that will lead on setting up a Youth Forum.

Youth Culture Revolution Ealing will develop a Theory of Change model and envisage outcomes will include:

  • Schools will find it easier and be more inclined to include culture in curricular and out-of-school provision
  • Increased uptake of Arts Award and Artsmark and more schools include arts and culture in school improvement plans
  • The gap between super-served and under-served schools has decreased
  • Vulnerable and disadvantaged young people have increased access to creative opportunities
  • Increased progression routes resulting in a more diverse arts sector
  • The Youth Forum becomes an example of best practice and feeds into other areas of the council and society, for example, the Council’s Race Equality Commission and the Cultural Renewal Plan
  • The Youth Forum will become an aspirational vehicle for future diverse cultural leaders
  • A joined-up offer between public, voluntary, cultural and education sectors
  • New ways of collaborative working across the council is enabling change

Challenge London investment from A New Direction: £50,000 over 18 months

This partnership is also receiving Challenge London Legacy Funding


Jan De Schynkel, Arts and Culture Manager, Ealing Council


Image credit: Yasmin Dosanjh