Lambeth Local Cultural Education Partnership

Ensuring all children and young people in Lambeth can benefit from a dynamic arts & cultural offer

The Lambeth Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) aims to ensure all children and young people in Lambeth benefit from a coherent, inclusive and dynamic arts and cultural offer that enriches their lives and gives them tools to succeed.

The Lambeth LCEP represents a systemic change in how Lambeth council, cultural organisations, educational institutions, and business communities will work together to build a creative and cultural ecology that is fair and equitable to all children and young people living and studying in the borough.

With the formation of this LCEP, a new Creative and Cultural Education Strategy will be developed for the borough to:

  • Create a framework for schools and cultural organisations to align objectives and shared outcomes
  • Give cultural organisations in the borough a better oversight and understanding of Lambeth schools and how best to respond creatively to the curriculum and school priorities
  • Empower teachers and schools to feel more confident in navigating the cultural sector and co-designing programmes that enhance the curriculum, build pupils cultural capital and increase attainment
  • Cultivate a network of cultural ambassadors across Lambeth schools will identify training needs of teaching staff and address how Artsmark can help schools to enhance and monitor their creative offer
  • Give non-arts organisations, schools, parents and young people a better knowledge and understanding of the viability of pursuing career pathways in the creative and digital industries
  • Give opportunities and platforms to emerging and aspiring young creatives to showcase their talents and highlight their needs and interests.
  • Give education institutions and cultural organisations a better oversight on local labour market intelligence within creative and digital growth sectors so they can work strategically with local businesses to develop the relevant skills pipeline to employment.

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