Creativity Works: Content Production 2021 (WEEK SIX) 

Programme Officer Jordan Reilly takes us through the last week of Creativity Works: Content Production

4 November 2021

Our last week of Creativity Works: Content production has begun! Sad to see it end but glad to see our cohort utilise everything they’ve learnt over the last 6 weeks.

It hasn’t been an easy journey; between being online, battling through Covid-19 rules and regulations to then soaking up new knowledge and putting it to use. Our cohort have been put through the works.


Starting the week off – we had Jax Freeman (managing director of Stink Studios London) & Justin Mulcahy (head of creative Stink Studios) come and deliver a session around Stink Digital as well as how they utilise different content production skills & assets within their projects – they showcased different projects of theirs and what the process of creating them were.


With that being the mornings session, we were then joined by Jayshree Viswanathan (creative consultant) in the afternoon who delivered a session around the intros to our cohorts’ films.

Likewise, to last year’s cohort, this year we will be presenting all the films via an online exhibition


With that wrapping up Monday, we then move onto our last official session with Nathan James Tettey (creative director) & Annie Ayres (head of music & social) from Untold Studios. They covered the grounds of working with rappers with Nathan providing an insight of his own history – working alongside talent such as Headie One, Stormzy, Dave & Fredo.

He gave the cohort advice on what to look out for and things to make note of when working with rappers.


Now we roll onto both Wednesday & Thursday – 6 long weeks of work for these premiers.

We can safely say with the biggest chest that it went orfffff. I don’t wish to be biased but what a premier it was! Our cohort had absolutely smashed it. The visuals, the stories and the sheer creativity that was put into these 90 second films were simply next level iconic.

We were joined by guests we had along the way who had all showed love – speaking of which, the chat in the zoom premier was pure vibes with the participants all bigging each other up, letting everyone know that the films made were appreciated and loved by all! Emotions were high, peoples were crying.


Coming from the programme officers and everyone else involved in the programme, all we can say is that we are super proud of everyone involved.

We witnessed from the get-go the process of the cohort throwing ideas about to then creating their 90 second masterpieces. It’s been a joy to see them work and grow into the legends that they are, we’ll be buzzing to see what they can pull off next.

Also, I highly encourage people to have themselves a Dean Day. Until next time people


Jordan Reilly
Programmes Officer (Employment & Skills)