Creativity Works: Content Production 2021 (WEEK FIVE)

Programme Officer Jordan Reilly talks us through week five of Creativity Works: Content Production

25 October 2021

We’re now in week 5 and things are taking off!

Between both filming & editing, our Content Production cohort have had their hands full with utilising what they’ve learnt over the past 5 weeks and putting it all to use.

We started this week with a shoot & edit day alongside some 121 tutorials with the icons Thierry Phung (video editor & colourist) & Alia Pathan (visual artist & videographer) – where they touched up on their edits and received feedback & guidance on their work; preparing themselves for the deadline submission this coming Thursday!

Without giving too much away, we can say with chest that the premier is going to be one to watch!


Moving onto Tuesday, the cohort carried on with filming and editing as well as joining a talk by the legend Edem Wornoo’s (writer & director), talking about Directing Music Videos + Staying Original.

Edem spoke about his inspirations for film and how different creators utilise different methods in terms of their visuals.

The cohort were then able to have a Q&A session with Edem where they gained valuable advice and an inside insight – one of the participants even managed to bag himself a networking date with Edem himself! Isle of Fernandos in bound (stolen joke from Olly btw) haha.

Come Wednesday, our talented cohort then had a Reflect, Feedback & Finalise Cut Session with Ceiron Magat (creative director) & Chantal Adams (head of video @ NTS radio).

With less than a day to submit their films, the gang are giving it their all to ensure they bring their ideas to life.

Big shout out to Ceiron and Chantal for being on it throughout the day and of course, a shout out to the cohort for remaining resilient throughout!

Deadline day has come to a close and the pressure is on for the Content Production cohort. Friday was filled with last minute touch ups on editing as well as having some Drop in Editing Tutorials with Thierry & Alia before meeting the 6.30pm deadline.


Now that the pressure of deadline date is more less done and over – the group now had a couple sessions with Anningwaa Boakye & Ayumi Konno.

Anningwaa’s session was based around an offer for mentoring as well as info about some other exciting offers the CJ team have on. We then had Ayumi’s session which focused on bossing a job application – ensuring the cohort can absolutely smash their CV’s.

With this week finished up – we now look forward to next week where they’ll have their premiers!

Stay tuned for more deets on what our cohort get up to.