Self Assessment Framework Resources

Advice & guidance on each of the criteria in the Artsmark Framework

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Read Arts Council England’s Self-Assessment document to find out more about the criteria for each Artsmark level, and to gauge your school's current level of provision.

The resources below offer detailed guidance on each section of the Self-Assessment Framework criteria.

1. Values and ethos

In our experience, schools sometimes start their Statement of Commitment by showcasing their arts offer in great detail without addressing the driving philosophy that connects content with values.

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2. Leadership

Schools don’t always address the detail given in the leadership criterion relating to quality assurance and evaluation of impact. Involving senior leaders at all stages of the Artsmark will be the key to a strong bid and a persuasive Statement of Impact.

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3. Children and young people engagement

Many schools feel that they achieve this criterion at Silver level, but understand that for Gold and Platinum levels there is a need to plan for opportunities to put children and young people at the heart of decision-making in planning, curating, and delivering arts within the setting.

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4. Curriculum design

Often schools understand the value of embedding arts and culture in the curriculum, but sometimes are not sure where to start making connections and what to include.

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5. Range of offer

Artsmark schools may have a real strength in one or two different art forms but may not have the time or resources to offer a wider range of arts and cultural experiences.

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6. CPD

Artsmark schools find many creative ways to deliver CPD, even when the arts budget is limited. Shaping the programme may be responsive or strategic, however, the evaluation of its long-term impact may not be systematic.

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7. Partnerships

Artsmark schools often aspire to work with a range of arts partners but sometimes do not necessarily have the time or resources to fulfil these aims. This resource is designed to help with this part of the Artsmark process.

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We have also created a resource with advice on how to make the most of digital offers & build partnerships with arts and culture organisations during COVID-19.

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8. Equality and diversity

In our experience, schools are sometimes unsure how to demonstrate Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) evidence, and it is often omitted altogether from responses to question 3 in the Statement of Commitment. This guide offers some helpful tips & guidance.

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