Flipside FAQs

Got some questions about Flipside? Here are some answers

17 October 2019

Flipside applications are now open so we've put together some handy info to help answer some questions you may have about the programme.

If you want to find out more, attend one of the info sessions by signing up to the application page.

What is digital product design?
The digital sector includes organisations which have a desire to solve problems through thinking strategically about people’s needs and creating digital products and services to address those needs. This could be anything from an app or a website to a physical product which uses digital technology.

The digital revolution is changing life as we know it. We engage with digital from the moment we wake up to when we fall asleep. Digital gets us from A to B, connects us with our colleagues and friends, and enables us to work and create new things.

Digital is one of the fastest growing sectors for new job creation - and Flipside could be your first step to a bright future in digital product design.

What will I learn through Flipside?
Through Flipside we have designed a learning framework that outlines the knowledge, skills and mindsets required to perform a job effectively. This framework is designed with the future in mind. We believe that the successful digital product designer will be future proofed. This means that they have the mindsets, skills and behaviours that allow them to see opportunities where others might see problems, they are able to create the world they want to be a part of and they are capable to create positive change and lead by example.

What are mindsets, behaviours and skills?
Mindsets are the way we look at things - a collection of beliefs and thoughts that will influence our behaviour in response to different situations. In other words, behaviours are the expression of someone’s mindset. And behaviours are the building blocks of developing skills.

Skills are the ability to do something well. We consider two types of skills sets:

  • Hard Skills sets relate to specific abilities that allow you to perform the technical aspects of a job - this includes knowing the facts and information needed to perform a job well.
  • Soft Skills sets relate to a set of personal qualities that help make an individual a positive and contributing member of an organisation - specifically how they relate to other and approach problems.

Who is involved?
Create Jobs leads on recruitment. We also deliver the course's core employability modules, supporting every trainee into work during and after the programme through 1-1s, workshops and inspire sessions.

The Skills Lab is an Innovations Consultancy which facilitates cultural change that allows people to develop soft-skills needed to learn, work and lead happy lives. They have designed the industry training modules alongside the employers and are responsible for pastoral care, the programme’s day to day running and the personal effectiveness modules.

The core employer group includes: Beyond, Made by Many, Sennep, ustwo, and The Bio Agency.

Flipside is funded and developed by the London Legacy Development Corporation who help bring opportunities to residents of the four Olympic boroughs.

What would I be doing day-to-day?
You will be working collaboratively with a group of other participants across two waves of project design, development and delivery. You will be based at employer offices and a working space within Here East (inside the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park).

How many people will get guaranteed interviews?
There are paid work placements on offer at the end of the training. The number of these will depend on course participants’ commitment and enthusiasm for the course, as well as the quality of work they produce and employer’s vacancies.

The employers are looking for passion, motivation and over time insight into the digital product design process. Create Jobs are committed to helping all participants into employment after the course with ongoing support and guidance as well as access to opportunities.

Can I apply if I don’t currently live in the four boroughs?
Unfortunately not - this programme is specifically for people currently living in Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Newham. You’ll need to provide a proof of address at some point so please bear this in mind if you are moving to the area. That said, search our young creatives page to find other opportunities.

How do I know if I fit the bill?
There are a few requirements that you have to meet to be considered - please read through the eligibility section on the main opportunity page. Other than that, we are looking for creative problem solvers with a proven interest in the digital sector, a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and get stuck in.

I’m struggling to know what to put in the application, where can I get help?

Get in touch with Pagan at pagan.phillips@anewdirection.org.uk or on 0207 608 2132 if you have any other questions.

I don’t have any pieces of relevant work to attach to my application?

The pieces of relevant work are only an optional addition to your application. They could be anything from some digital artwork you’ve made, a campaign you’ve worked on or even a nice presentation about something you’ve researched or are interested in. They should show digital design or creative problem-solving skills.

Interested in applying for Flipside?

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