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6 approaches to Cultural Education & 6 approaches to influencing regeneration.

27 October 2014

Today, MP David Lammy speaks at A New Direction's Connected London event, where AND launches a guide for area leaders to connect young Londoners to exciting cultural opportunities. The guide identifies 6 approaches which any place can adopt and which will help in engaging children in cultural education. These approaches have been developed with the Innovation Unit through action research in different London boroughs.

1. Engagement – What do headteachers want from cultural education? A case-study from Newham.

2. Sustainability – The end of cultural education as we know it? A case study from Camden.

3. Partnerships – New ideas need new partnerships. A case-study from Lewisham.

4. Arts and Culture in schools A case-study from Ealing.

5. Technology – Is technology the answer? A case-study from Islington.

6. Community Capacity – Young people at the heart of cultural education. A case-study from Haringey.

At the recent London Councils Arts and Culture forum local authority officers debated how arts and culture can be embedded in regeneration developments across the city. The day was facilitated by Richard Watts from People Make it Work At the end of the day Richard summed up the discussion. He suggested 6 approaches as to how to influence wider regeneration across London to ensure arts and culture is embedded at policy level.

1. Leadership support – getting a senior advocate for the work.

2. Shared vision with multiple outcomes – these need to have clarity but can also have breadth.

3. Community – developing engagement and trust.

4. Collaboration across services internally – regeneration, education, arts and culture, youth service but also police, planners and licensees.

5. Engage enlightened self-interest - don’t be offended by the different ways in which people profit from development activities.

6. Evidence – develop a rigour around this.

The guide for area leaders can be downloaded below.

Download Connected London guide

Further information about the Connected London programme is available here.

You can follow the debate at the Connected London event, including comment on David Lammy’s keynote on Twitter #ConnnectedLondon