A West London school developed a new school curriculum using creativity and learning.

26 June 2013

(The Weekly Resource blog series - highlighted examples from our library of resources, spanning 10 years of Creative Partnerships and beyond.)


The resource presents a case study that shows the experience of Cambridge Community Special School which used creativity and learning to develop a new school curriculum.

The West London school explored with different creative practitioners -including Sightlines Initiative, The Puppet Centre and Youth Poetry Network- the 'Cambridge Method' which was based on a new curriculum developed by Reggio Emilia.

The Italian educational philosophy is based upon the principles that children must have control over their learning direction, be allowed to explore ideas, and should have ways and opportunities to express themselves.

The case study gives a deep insight of the challenges, impact and outcomes of the project that took place between 2006 and 2007.

We hope you find this resource useful!

Download Transformations Case study (106.89 kB Pdf)