An open letter to the PM: commit to a new Opportunity Guarantee

A New Direction has joined over 200 organisations across the UK calling on the Government to publicly commit to the new Opportunity Guarantee employment scheme

17 June 2020

Unemployment figures appear to be rising at an exponential rate and we know that young people and, more so, those with diverse backgrounds will be the most adversely affected. For our sector - the creative industries - diversity and representation have been a longstanding and wicked issue, very much pre-dating any Covid-19 timeframe. What we are seeing and where our concern lies is that the crisis will further entrench the deep-rooted societal issues we face.

Over the weekend we were proud to add our name to an open letter to the Prime Minister to acknowledge and lobby for a sea change in how we support and navigate young people through such a period of great uncertainty.

The new Opportunity Guarantee scheme, backed by some of the UK’s biggest employers, would help to kick start the UK’s economic recovery by investing in jobs of the future, helping people access the jobs market, and providing opportunities for young people.

You can read the full letter – also published in The Sunday Times – on the Create Jobs website here.

Create Jobs is A New Direction’s employability programme for young Londoners. Since 2011 we’ve been transforming London's workforce by supporting and developing individuals who are underrepresented in the creative and digital industries.

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