School Development Priorities

  • Continue to develop the capacity and effectiveness of leadership at all levels (LEADERS)
  • Take steps to improve recruitment and retention of staff at all levels (TEACHERS)
  • Further develop the curriculum offered, allowing depth, discovery and memorable experiences (PUPILS)

Creative Catalyst Project

To discover new strategies to support a culture and ecology of wellbeing within the school for adults and children.

Project update after school visits

  • Working with two Creative Practitioners, the school project includes one to one creative coaching sessions; the development of an evolving creative, reflective space for teachers called Space 2, and group reflection moments with staff and SLT groups

  • Space 2 is an invitation for teachers to spend time during their day making something for themselves and contributing to a larger collective project space. They can spend as much or as little time as they wish, create whatever they like, and already teachers are coming back for more. We look forward to watching this space change over the next half term

  • Pupils from each year group have spent time with Creative Practitioners to explore what activities might support their teachers’ wellbeing. This resulted in messages of encouragement and tips for relaxation gifted to the staff