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School Development Priority

To boost levels of parental engagement

Creative Catalyst Project

To re-design the invitation for parents to connect with and support their children’s school experience.

Project update after school visits

  • The provocation of new and greater vocabulary has become the hook for a new way of inviting parents to engage with the school

  • Years 3 and 4 threw down the gauntlet at the end of a school day in week 2 with a creative, playful protest asking parents to donate/exchange a word for a growing vocabulary sculpture

  • In week 4 the children have been developing soundscapes, using sound to stimulate new vocabulary. They have been creating their own forest soundscapes, creating group poems about different sounds and creating their own wind-chimes as inspiration for new vocabulary

  • Parents have been invited to connect with the project in different ways - from donating and receiving words, to interacting with the finished wind-chimes, and helping create the vocabulary sculpture over the next few weeks