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School Development Priority

Improved engagement and understanding of British Values across the school.

Creative Catalyst Project

To co-design a whole school interactive game inspired by British values with year 3 pupils.

Project update after school visits

  • In week one, year 3 pupils drew around themselves on big sheets of paper. They filled their bodies with all the things they love (hobbies, passions, activities) and filled their heads with all the skills they need to be able to do the things they love
  • The teacher and Creative Practitioner cross-checked the skills until they arrived at a list of 15 ‘values that make our community safe’ from across all of the pupils’ ideas. These values are the themes for the GAME OF LIFE, an interactive board game developed by year 3 for the whole school
  • The children have now been creating ambitious ideas for themed challenges that will become part of the larger set of instructions for the board game, which will be launched on 7 March
  • Year 3 pupils have been sworn to secrecy as the rest of the school does not know what the Game of Life will be or how they will get to play it. The main wall in the entrance has been adorned with a large black and white playing board and a there is a large cup with ‘game of life’ written on it. There is a buzz of anticipation across the school as they wait to learn more!