School Development Priority

To raise the engagement of children in writing and to improve standards in and motivation for writing, particularly for boys.

Creative Catalyst Project

To transform the school into a live ‘choose your own adventure’ experience in which pupils collectively write the narratives, worlds and characters of the story to create a multi-sensory experience for other pupils to discover/explore.

A flavour of the project

  • Year 4 and 5 classes are building confidence in writing using the Choose Your Adventure concept to create story promenades - first in their classrooms and eventually in the school’s outdoor spaces
  • Their Creative Practitioner led a story-making exercise that literally diagrammed various directions a story might take using masking tape, A4 paper, and as much of the classroom as possible. Louise Fredricks, one of the two teachers co-delivering the project, noted that several children who struggled to engage with writing were very focused and committed during this activity

"If Iron Man went into the sea to look for his ear, wouldn’t he rust?" - Year 4 Pupil, during a storymaking exercise around the famous story of the Iron Man.