School Development Priority

To develop cross-curricular links and creativity to provide pupils with a wide range of writing opportunities.

Creative Catalyst Project

To invite all staff to co-design an immersive whole-school mystery for pupils to explore and solve.

Project update after school visits

  • Three flying machines crashed into the school’s playground, catching on tree branches, school roofs and playground furniture when they fell
  • Pupils discovered them when they arrived at school on Monday morning and, aided by their teachers, became responsible for finding out what had happened. How had these machines ended up in their school? Where were the missing pilots? What clues could they find that would help them to find answers?
  • An intensive week of discovery followed. All teachers designed activities that supported the narrative of detective work, evidence and fact-finding, research, and story building to support the process. Volcanoes were built, weather systems studied, Italian and Dutch clues were translated in IT classes, school bags and pencil cases floated with helium balloons to calculate the weight of a pilot & model parachutes built to experiment with energy forces

This has been the best week of school ever… we’re so lucky they crashed at our school!
Haaris, Year 5 pupil