School Development Priority

To raise the standard of writing within the school and throughout the whole curriculum.

Creative Catalyst Project

To grow a word garden that connects buildings across the school site

Project update after school visits

  • Using the analogy of growing a creative vocabulary, the teachers and creative practitioner have been exploring the metaphor of growth, germination and gardening during their own intense creative time as a partnership to grow an appetite for new words across the school
  • The teachers and pupils challenged the whole school to post their favourite words into a letterbox in the school reception, which resulted in crowds of pupils sharing their words throughout the first day
  • Year 2 and Year 5 children listed their own favourite words on large rolls of paper and worked across year groups to create new sentences with their own and borrowed/shared words, cut out and taped together
  • The teachers and practitioners are finding that vocabulary can be exciting and creative if led by pupils' passions