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School Development Priority

To support teaching staff to develop their creative skills and incorporate creative approaches into their teaching practice.

Creative Catalyst Project

To support a group of Creative Leaders to develop the skills needed to activate, nurture and evolve a Manifesto for Creativity within the school.

Project update after school visits

  • The School Council have become Creative Foragers. They wear red caps with ID badges and explore the school’s environment with a new lens, looking for different ways of ‘being in a space’; ‘thinking about things’; ‘learning more about the way our school works.’
  • They are in the process of designing a Creative Deck - a pack of enquiry cards that will be sent home with every pupil in the school to help them explore their own creative learning skills.
  • Subject teachers are supporting the process, exploring how they can apply the ideas to their own teaching areas. How might computer coding be taught by exploring physical movement? How could PE use challenge cards to support individual interpretations to instructions?
Creativity is like a different way of cooking… you can cook things really fast in the Oven but if you take time to cook things in a slow cooker then you can get much more interesting flavours.
Year 5 member of the school council