What if?

An imaginative fantasy film created by a group of Secondary School students, teachers, support staff and governors.

A partnership project with Rush Croft Sports College and Eelyn Lee. Film by Eelyn Lee Productions, 2005.

What if something truly unusual happened to a small group of school students, staff, parents and governors?

This 6 minute fantasy film tells the story of a group of people thrown together because they share an extraordinary trait. Rush Croft School (now Rush Croft Sports College, in North London) collaborated with creative practitioner Eelyn Lee Productions to create this curious tale.

Within the story each person considers their new responsibilities as individuals and as a unique partnership, and their potential impact on the community. The young people are equal partners both in the imagination and development of the project and in the story itself.

Narrated by Michael Kilgarriff with animation by Francis Morgan-Giles.


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