Imagine Nation

A short film of a poem and set of accompanying activities for literacy lessons exploring creativity and imagination.

Poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah, Resources by Apples and Snakes, Film by Eelyn Lee Productions, 2004.

Benjamin Zephaniah was commissioned by Creative Partnerships London East in 2004 to write a poem that explored the place of creativity in school for a seminar called Arts and Minds, for creative and education professionals.

The seminar aimed to explore ways of developing practice around preferred learning styles. Inspired by the quality and strength of Imagine Nation, film-maker Eelyn Lee was commissioned to make a 2 minute short film and the Apples and Snakes were commissioned to create three classroom poetry resources responding to the poem.

It is hoped teachers can easily adapt these resources to suit a range of different age groups and abilities from Key Stage 2 upwards.


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