Grove Park Special School Takes Over the Borough of Brent

A film made by students with a range of physical and learning disabilities who investigate their local area.

By Grove Park Special School and Furtherfield, 2008.

This 36 minute film documents a project in Grove Park School in West London (now known as The Village School) with creative partners Furtherfield. The school, whose pupils have a range of physical disabilities, delicate health and/or complex learning difficulties, was keen for 'student voice' to be the focus of the project.

The class was taught filmmaking skills and visited a local retail store, a country park and the town hall, documenting their experiences in photography and film. After each visit the pupils interview members of staff at these locations and discuss their experiences, often in terms of physical accessibility.

Through the use of film and photographic stills we are given a tour of the different indoor and outdoor spaces through the eyes of these young people. By being encouraged to speak out, the pupils developed enquiry skills, public speaking skills, confidence and self expression.