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A guided conversation in which you are subtly encouraged to pay closer attention to your unique needs

5 February 2024

In 2021, A New Direction began working with Dawn Estefan, during our Space for Change programme designed to support the cultural sector in navigating the challenges it faces when working with children and young people.

Dawn’s session on Self Care was a watershed moment ‑ it was as if we all breathed a collective sigh of relief as participants began to let out some of what they had been holding, supported to do so in Dawn’s thoughtful small group process.

Fast forward to 2024, we're excited that our collaboration with Dawn has now led to the production of the Radical Self Care Journal, designed to share the power of previous sessions more widely and support more arts professionals working with young people.

The nature of participation and engagement practice means that it can often leave its practitioners feeling depleted because they are attending to the needs of everyone else on their programmes or in their teams. Even more so since 2020 and the ever‑increasing pressures facing the creative sector. We hope that in some small way, we can contribute to a healthy, productive and supportive creative community.

Explore the Radical Self Care Journal