Arts Council England confirms NPO funding for A New Direction

Our CEO and Chair thank Arts Council England for continued investment

4 November 2022

Steve Moffitt, CEO of A New Direction:

We would like to thank Arts Council England for the offer of funding today, and congratulate all other organisations who have been successful in their bids for funding, while acknowledging and sending our support to those who have received difficult or disappointing news.

Appreciating the extremely challenging financial times we are in, we do not take this show of confidence lightly, and are grateful to be able to continue and develop further our work enhancing the capacity and agency of children and young people in London to own their creativity, shape culture, and achieve their creative potential.

We would like to thank all of our partners, stakeholders and funders.

Arfa Butt, Chair of A New Direction:

We are really pleased that Arts Council England has demonstrated its commitment to children and young people in London, through its generous and continued funding of A New Direction, an award-winning organisation that has worked tirelessly to support young people over the years.

Having just taken over from the magnificent Maggie Atkinson as Chair of A New Direction, I am looking forward to working with the team as we move from delivering the bridge function for Arts Council England into a new shape and iteration. There is so much to do, many challenges and so much potential - now is a great time for us to really spread our wings and fly, and I am excited about the next few years together.

Steve Moffitt & Arfa Butt.png

Left: Steve Moffitt, CEO of A New Direction.
Right: Arfa Butt - Chair of A New Direction.

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