Industry Insights is a series of talks for Young Black and Mixed Race Men in Newham aged [16-24], curated by the Good Growth Hub, ELBA and West Ham United Foundation as part of the Moving On Up initiative.

Young Black and Mixed Race men are at the intersection of two characteristics that have been proven to disadvantage people in the labour market: Youth and BAME ethnicity. The unemployment rate for young black men in the UK, the great majority of whom live in London, is more double the rate for young white men.

It has been highlighted by many young black and mixed race men the importance of connecting with reputable, professional black men across industries. Hearing about their trials and tribulations experienced by each guest speaker as well as their celebrations and achievements, provides an insight for young black and mixed men to understand the tenacity and dedication required to achieve a level of success. We encourage our attendees to think outside of the box, and these sessions provide valuable insight and guidance into many different methods for one to reach their full potential!

Moving On Up [MoU] is a unique employability initiative, founded by Action for Race Equality, and funded by Trust for London and City Bridge Trust. A New Direction - Good Growth Hub, West Ham United Foundation, and London Works (Elba) are core partners that work together to deliver a range of programme, workshops and talks for the MoU employment initiative