Week two of Future Now

Another busy one for the future creatives taking part in our creative content, software developer and startup founder programmes

18 February 2021

From industry led training sessions to learning how to build a great mindset by therapy motivation sessions, the Future Now group have had the chance to really connect and understand their peers and chosen industry.

Our programme officers, Tyra Alexander , Lucy Carasco and Beth Kahn talk us through how the week went below.

Feature image ©Island Records / Somethin Else

The Future Creative Content Now cohort have now warmed up into their groups and begun ideating and planning. This week is all about breaking down the brief and the importance of design, curation and bossing your socials.

A highlight of the week was an ideation workshop run by Abraham Asefaw was a great way to learn some techniques for the cohort to implement into their creative process when approaching the brief.


The group also took part in an excellent session delivered by Alex Elder and Emma Lansdown of Somethin’ Else on “Telling Stories with Imagery” which helped the participants visualise their ideas and think of different ways to present and promote their projects.


During the second instalment of Naana’s Storytelling workshop the session participants explored the important role of the strategist within storytelling and got the chance to breakdown and discuss a number of adverts.

During the “Curation & Digital Storytelling” workshop with Robyn Kazosi from the Migration Museum themes of storytelling through the lens of the audience and storytelling with a purpose were covered. Robyn also covered how an important part of their work is trying to reach those who may believe migration isn’t an essential part of British history,

“Reaching someone on an emotional/spiritual level is more effective than reaching someone on an intellectual level because that’s when you are able to change peoples mind and ideas.”


In Breaking Down the Brief with Susie Burdekin, we found out how to take a lorry load of information and really get to the core, which included an activity filtering the brief down to just two words, some answers included “Digital Playground” “Connect Creative” “community Access” “Interactive Hub” and “Collaborative Creators”.

Following a very packed week two, in week three the cohort moves into the development stage of the course, beginning their audition and premier pro training sessions, part three of storytelling workshops with Naana & Axel, developing/casting/shooting for short-form docs with Barcroft Media. We will also have a mid-point check-in on how the brief is going with Epic Games.


Written by Lucy Carasco, Programme Officer