A Poetry Collection by Shaan Bharkar

Our Creativity Works: Podcasting alumnus shares his latest collection of poetry

15 February 2022

The Dating Game

Mysterious Enigmas
From the start,
Social profiles
Dictate who we are,
Searching For red flags From afar.

Texting each other
Back and forth,
The talking stage
We know of course,
Meet within a week
A rule I endors,
To avoid the cap
Show no remorse.

Its trial and error,
Avoid the same mistakes
Never mirror,
Less is more
Ease off the lever,
repeat it back
For good measure.

Bait the hook
To suit the fish,
She either likes Horoscopes,
Star signs
Myers Briggs.

I'd rather listen to life in person,
Have our words lead off to an excursion,
Unravel gem’s & truths behind hidden curtains.

One on one
In a booth,
Two between a carafe
Keeping in Chenin blanc,
Turning giggles into laughs
And now its,
Open sesame.


Undercover chocolate lover,
Sweet tooth
Like no other,

I Discreetly told the doc
It was dangerously delectable,
Cravings causing quite a spectacle,
Temptation always orbiting in a galaxy by the milky way.

The Doc diagnosed
Delirious chocolate fever!
Side effects include endorphins going into seizure,
But declared
everything is going to be Kinda Beano.

Diabetes might creep up on me,
Dare I say shotgun Ready,
Double twix up my sleeve
Life is like a box of chocolate,
You never know what your going to receive.

The Frog

Motivation embedded in the cogs,
Believing in signs and symbols of,
Managing 11 thoughts
And man of the match
Only goes to one.

Learning for fun,
Challenge after challenge,
Realizing the mundane time consuming,
Requires no attention to be managed.

Plotting everyday in advance,
Guarantees a choice or a chance,
Hoping to avoid
The 50/50 dreaded dance.

Making lists the night before,
Cementing the plan
Keeping it secure,
Beyond the fantasy
Subconsciously letting it mature.

Plan, prepare, execute
With a sense of urgency,
Because every minute counts
Before you meet uncertainty.

Fancy a cuppa

A good cup of tea can settle me down,
Restart my day
Bring it right around,

Soak well through
not to let it brew,
Back to back
it pays its dues,
Add in some milk
contrast is up to you.

Searching for a spoon
Wheeling and stirring,
Blending and surfing,
Pouring in some sugar
Keeping it sweet and perfect.

I can flip it
calm down with
Jasmin, Oolong,
Head back,
Head on lap,
Real big mood.

Can be had at morning till next noon
Even after dinner,
Never goes out of style
I call every cup a winner.

Carb City

Let the Chaos ensue,
With the calories I consume,
Snacking at midnight
when the belly rumbles
At full moon,
Waking up with a double chin,
Only one can presume,
Every bite is a disco
Self control in limbo
Tastebuds explored like columbus
And no shame here
When the food arrives
I'll shout bingo

Two sides of a coin

Between every two
Live two different worlds
Two different livelihoods
On two different scales
Two different perspectives
Neither wrong
As each make sense to themselves
Two different routes
One may flourish
One may derail
One may anguish
One may prevail
Flip a coin

Muay Thai Magic

8 limbs used
Cardio abused
Adrenaline coursing through
A majestic sport
Where discipline is taught
Pushing past limitations
Cause hard work cannot be brought.
Invested hours
Technique devoured
Shadow boxing empowered
Muay Thai Magic
I'll say it again
Something you should try

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