Research proposals required for the CPP programme

We are commissioning a piece of research within Creative People and Places (CPP) looking at the challenges and opportunities associated with consortium working and the pros and cons of different governance models.

14 August 2014

The aim of the research is to support the work of the CPP Places and strengthen the practice of other community based arts/culture projects where consortium and multiple partnership working can be customary.

The research objectives are:

  • To articulate the Arts Council’s aims for CPP projects to be managed through the framework of a consortium
  • To understand the mechanism of CPP consortium development
  • To understand the experiences of CPP consortium working, including practicalities, challenges and opportunities
  • To understand different governance models within arts/culture and other comparative sectors, including pros and cons
  • To understand steps for effective governance for future practice
  • To gain an understanding of how CPP consortia have changed over a period of time (via a small scale follow up study)


A research report is required which will be published online and included in CPP programme research literature. The report may include the following suggested deliverables:

  • Summary of literature review, including best practice examples of governance and consortium (outside of CPP, including other relevant sectors)
  • A set of recommendations to support effective consortium and partnership working
  • A management ‘health check’ for the consortium
  • Interview transcripts
  • Follow-up report after a relevant period of time (timings to be agreed)

How to apply

Download the full research brief below. For further information please contact Sarah B Davies.

Download Research Brief - Consortia CPP

For more information on the Creative People and Places programme, please go here


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