Poetry Collection by Shaan Bharkar

Alumnus Shaan from Creativity Works: Podcasting '20 programme makes a reappearance with another poetry collection, this time reflecting thoughts around mindfulness

17 May 2021

Protect your energy

Good energy,
Rain on me heavily,
Pour down,
Seep through,
Rid all of my negativity,
Throw those out,
Who only blame others for their inconsistency,
Your inner circle a reflection of you,
And that’s how it ought to be,
Thoughts become things
So, choose them very carefully,
Shine a light,
Refocus your attention,
Your peripheral
On positivity.


A tale twisted in disguise,
Often catches us by surprise,
Dozing off, rehearsing lines,
as if the opportunity might arise.

Our mind delivers
A song and dance,
Infatuated by a second chance,
Hand on chin, the common stance,
Staring into space,
a hypnotic trance.

Back in the present tense
Wondering where I've just been,
What was just said,
What was just seen,
what's it all supposed to mean,

In the scenarios,
I star in,
I act in,
in every scene.

I walk, I walk

I’m out the door,
Heel to floor,
On an adventure, to explore
I picked a path, I said no more.

Left step, right step,
Two steps, its free,
Solves a problem, dilemma, conundrum,
Enlightenment also a guarantee.

I follow my rhythm,
It helps with decision,
A gut feeling Inside,
I call it intuition.

Wind blows,
Snow settles,
Sleet throws,

Green green grass,
Muddy trails,
Concrete paths,
Tread on throughout all weather forecasts.

Branch on branch,
Laid there to nest,
A hatchlings pillow for its head,
The mother sets off in quest,
Birds eye view driven with intent.

Birds chit chat,
Chirp, tweet,
Make music so sweet,
I wonder if parrots can talk
are other species keeping it discrete?

Rivers ripple in effect,
Ducks quack and goose geese in respect,
Swimming up and down for an insect feast,
Avoiding the litter and waste created by human beasts.

Left step, right step
two steps, its free
Serves purpose for every occasion whenever the need.

Journey Man

Through the pressure,
Through the pain,
Through desire, through disdain,
Passed distraction is the aim,
Procrastination is to blame,
The same place as last would be a shame,
Living everyday timid and tame,
A precious life repeating the same,
Never to have discovered,
They're destined for fame.


Keep an eye on the hour,
Control the day,
the day devours,
Face to face,
Face your fears,
Or face fear for hours.

Hustle now,
Progression is power,
Engine running,
Running on SUPERPOWER,
Build your block,
Build your tower,
Run your race,
Or turn up sour.


The Job Hunt

Take a seat it’s time to play,
Choose those allocated hours and type away,
Look through job descriptions and cut out the cliché,
Chop up your CV, Cover Letter’s and those ‘Have a nice day',
Don’t be surprised if there’s another round before the final say,
If you’ve ever been ghosted by a potential employer, I can relate
Rejection is part of the process, pick yourself up and try again.

Those zoom meetings with quirky backgrounds, cups of tea, and 5-minute breaks,
Interviews with:
No pants
Can quickly turn into a mistake,
With accidentally muted microphones and interrupted audio delay,
There’re so many lessons we learn by embracing the uneasy,
it's 100% better that way.

This Global Pandemic has taught me a lot,
You have got to be brave to claim your spot,
Skillset has risen, and it’s up to you to show employers what you got,
Because there’re many fish in a pool of talent, and that talent in an even bigger pond.