My 6-Week Life Change with Create Jobs

Meet Shauna Fergus from our Future Creative Content Now programme

13 April 2021

Hey beautiful people! Shauna Best here, lovely to have you join. This will be my first ever blog, so please bear with, and absolutely NO JUDGING round here please!!

So where shall I begin? I mean I don’t know where to!? Every moment of the Future Creative Content Now course was, as stated above, life changing in the most incredible ways possible. Let’s just get into it!

Okay, so I think it would make sense for me to begin with going over (Very briefly) the application process, which I know! Can be very boring but honestly the application process for Future Creative Content Now was miles and miles away from that.

The ingress of the application was as normal, basic personal details such as… Name, Age, Location, you know? All the boring jazz but as you progressed further on, interesting questions were asked such as… Why would you benefit from taking part? What one piece of content are you most proud of? And what story will you tell? (The last question was just so Lit!) You had to follow up a short cliff hanging intro.

Merriment, erudition and of course creative! Next was selection day (If you were lucky enough to pass that first stage) Selection day was very alien to me as I had never been given a brief and had very little knowledge on how ‘Selection Day’ was supposed to work.

The brief was to take part in a group task (I know group task?! With strangers! very nerve wracking!) the task was to create an online exhibition centred around black history month. This was convivial. Performance, presentation and idea was what I feel was being judged…

Come, let's slide to the juicy part! Day 1 of Future Creative Content Now, Monday 8th February 2021. The big day, invigorating yet slightly neuro… Beginning with all participants introducing themselves alongside all contributing to a team charter (Cute Much!), an august start. Sessions now officially commenced; the enjoyment began!

Day 2 was when s**t got real though! (Yep, so soon!) We were given ‘THE TALK’ by Epic Games & Unreal Engine. Both titles totally unknown to me until the ultimate Fortnite computer game came into play, now recognising Epic Games as the creators of Fortnite. (Who in the hell doesn’t know about Fortnite?!)

Bombs away!! Given our brief by the Company itself, the next 6-weeks was made pretty clear from here on out. Oxford Circus, Topshop, Pop Up Shop, State of The Art Technology! This is what I primarily gathered from the brief.

We were all split into groups to work on our 6-week project. An Epic Games/Unreal Engine pop up shop located in the Topshop flagship store situated at Oxford Circus, London to showcase the potential and possibilities of Unreal Engine’s software and technology whilst providing a community for all creators. At first, I was astray and intimidated being a non-gamer and not at all confident in futuristic technology such as VR headsets.

Hello!! Alarm bells!! Ding, ding, ding!!

My mind was ticking rapidly, quicker than a stopwatch! But after going through the brief thoroughly and being grouped with the most magnificent teammates I could have ever asked for! Ideas for our pop-up shop began to reign supreme.

Now, I’ll be the first to confirm that working on such a huge project with those that you haven’t yet even met IRL isn’t a walk in the park BUTTTT I’ll also be the first to voice that with concise structure, extensive research and time to bond on a personal level you will have the ultimate dream team, literally! And I also need to highlight the fact that my group (FemaleFinkers) was an all-female group, so organisation was down to a T! (Not predigest! but if you know, you know.) Our pitch was astonishing may I mention.

What was it that changed my life though?

The golden question and the simple answer…

Each participant along with the Programme Officer, Manger and my personal tutor (YEP! You get a personal tutor) Their Names, Hall of fame; Lucy Carasco, Fran Plowright & Rosie Taylor (Total Gems BTW!) Are the key part to my life changing experience.

And why? Well, my whole life I have always struggled to feel like I belong, almost like an odd sock…

This incredible group of fellow creatives are a whole dictionary of amazing things and I could ramble on about each of them for the rest of the year to be frank! But let me narrow my reason down to the fact that these humans allowed me to act freely.

I was finally surrounded by a group of people who valued, respected and accepted every part of me!

From my appearance, my views and work right down to my crazy humour! All without wearing that coat of anxiety and shame. It was so invigorating to have this, something I have never had the luxury of in my entire life.

Every individual taught me something special that I will forever cherish. Consequently, I am now able to recognise that I am valid as a human and a creator. You can never put a price, score or crown on that. And that is why Future Creative Content Now has changed my life and can guarantee will change yours too.

Now stop reading me ramble and check out what Create Jobs has to offer you today, like NOW!

Maybe one day you will bump into my crazy a** because I am here for the long run! I LOVE CREATE JOBS <3