Look Up Digital Production Course: A Recap

As we celebrate World Mental Health Day, we look back at our recent training programme with Look Up, Safaplace and Worldwide FM

10 October 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day. As we acknowledge the day and continue to provide support and learning to young Londoners as they take their first steps into the creative industries, we’re highlighting a very important cause that we recently partnered in.

At the end of September, twelve young creatives had the opportunity to take part in our Look Up Digital Production Course. Created in partnership with BBC Radio 6 DJ Gilles Peterson and his award-winning radio station Worldwide FM, and mental health charity Safaplace, the trainees received a week of immersive training in various aspects of digital production, including photography, filmmaking and podcasting. They were mentored by creatives from the Worldwide FM team, and also received training from professionals at the BBC. Creating and capturing content was the name of the game, while covering the week-long Look Up event and supporting an initiative rooted in raising awareness and creating a welcoming and open environment for discussions around positive mental health.

The Look Up Pop Up gained the attention and support of Gilles Peterson, who is best known as a presenter on Radio 6 and as an international club DJ. Based in Hackney’s Stoke Newington, the space served as a pop-up record store, book shop, and mini auditorium. Visitors could purchase vinyl and books from a collection curated by Gilles himself, as well as Look Up merchandise, and also attend talks, interviews and gigs with some iconic names in music exploring the positive connection between the arts and mental health. The entire venture raised money for Safaplace, an emerging mental health charity set up by Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form.

Safaplace is a charity aiming to support the wellbeing of young people in both Stoke Newington and the wider community. While the charity is still young, their work is already creating an impact, with recent events such as fundraiser focusing on the Alexander Technique, and their Big Night Out Dance which raised almost £4,500. They were officially granted charity status in July of this year (registered number 1179202), and continue to go from strength to strength as they continue to do great work to support young people. We were proud to work with them and to see our trainees creating work that underpinned just how important Safaplace’s work is, through the art of great storytelling.

Here’s a look at what went on during the Look Up Digital Production Course, in photos…

Our trainees were mentored in all kinds of content creation, including capturing photos that make an impact. Abdul Alashe caught writer Will Ashon mid-conversation with a shot taken at the perfect moment.

Yumi Codner took this shot during Aaron Unknown's interview. Even though he isn't speaking, the focus is on Aaron as he listens intently to the conversation.

Dave Haslam also stopped in for a talk with Gilles, captured by Sarah Martins.

Interviewing Goldie, as seen by Yasmin Lawal.

Photo by Yasmin Lawal - tenacity plus editing skills make for an expressive photograph.

Check back to our blog soon for full coverage of his talk with Gilles, along with an interview by Look Up Digital Production trainee Shannon Adomeit. We cannot wait to share more work created by our trainees, and are proud to have worked with Worldwide FM and Safaplace in this project.