Join the Young Challenge Group and get your voice heard

We are looking for up to 10 young people aged 15-23 from across London to form the Young Challenge Group.

20 April 2015

This new advisory group will help make a real difference to young people’s access to creative and cultural opportunities in London.

The group will act as advisors on the Cultural Education Challenge, a major three-year programme run by A New Direction. Through the Challenge, AND has £900,000 to invest in new initiatives that will enable new or different creative opportunities for children and young people across London, and you can have your say in which initiatives get selected.

The Group will:

  • put young Londoners’ voices, ideas, concerns and considerations at the centre of the Cultural Education Challenge programme
  • meet four times a year (* the first meeting is 11 May at 4.30pm).
  • act as advisors to A New Direction about the Challenge. This will include looking over proposals for new initiatives we receive and offering thoughts and suggestions.

What are the benefits of being involved?

  • Experience of being ‘on the inside’ of a large-scale arts and creative programme
  • The opportunity to be part of one or more sessions with a visiting speaker or specialist from the arts sector
  • Opportunities to visit and learn more about projects made for, with and by young people across the City

How to apply

Young people aged 15-23 can apply by completing the application form, via the Cultural Education Challenge website