Cultural Value – how to talk about what matters?

17 February 2015

Delegates from over 50 organisations took part in the third and final Learning Exchange to debate value in the context of young people and arts and culture.

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François Matarasso led the day to help delegates unpick some of the language and thinking around the value. Other speakers on the day included Sean Gregory (Barbican), Jessica Harris (NCVO), Hannah Wilmot (independent evaluator), Steve Moffitt (A New Direction).

Some of the key points of debate from delegates and François were as follows:

  • Cultural Value
  • Impact
  • Attribution
  • Subjectivity
  • Inter-subjectivity
  • Group think
  • Process and Product
  • The Project Cycle 1. Conception 2. Contracting 3. Co-production (Delivery) 4. Creation (Art) 5. Completion.

Today sees the launch of the Warwick Commission’s Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth.

For a full report of the day, including downloads and podcasts of the presentations and discussion go here.