Creativity Works: Content Production 2021 (WEEK TWO)

Programme Officer Raymond Sichilima gives us a summary of how week two of the Creativity Works: Content Production course went.

4 October 2021

We’ve reached the end of our second week of our Creativity Works Content Production Programme!

This week the group had the chance to talk with our 2020 Content Production alumni Tavie Agama, Stephanie Okereafor , David Joseph & Destiny Williams – all smashing it out in the content creation space.

Our alumni showcased the films they Directed last year whilst on the course and answered questions about tackling the brief (theirs was focusing on the theme of Legacy) and their experiences navigating their burgeoning professional creative careers.

In the afternoon the group took part in a dos and don'ts to filmmaking masterclass with BAFTA nominated, Sundance award-winning Filmmaker and Visual Artist Akinola Davies.



Abraham Asefaw, founder of The PopUp Agency joined the group on Tuesday to discover & define principles of the ideation and decision-making process. Following this, Managing Director of Stink Films Andrew Levene joined to deliver a 101 Content Production industry workshop.

The day ended on a high with an invigorating and encouraging talk from Untold co-founders Darren O' Kelly & Rochelle Palmer on the future of 21st Century Content Creation and why there has never been a better time to get into it!


On Wednesday the group were led through a workshop with their tutors Cieron Magat and Chantal Adams on visualising their Films through pre-production & planning. Ending the day with a tutor led workshop on Cinematography & shoot prep.

Thursday offered up the chance to have tailored 1-1 sessions with Chantal & Cieron to review initial ideas.

The evening treated them to an up close and personal workshop on Treatment Writing for Music Videos from Create Job’s alumnus Writer/Director Edem Wornoo. He showed them how to write a treatment that people will actually read and played extracts from his recent work for Wretch32 Little Big Man and Dave’s Money Talks music videos.


The week rounded off with an inspiring workshop on ‘finding your direction’ using the Ikigai Principle with employability and careers facilitator Ayumi Konno.

Next week the group will check in with The Face on their brief so far, workshop the topic WTF is a Creative? with Will Knight continuing their learning through skill sessions on editing moving image, sound & score. And catch a vibe & buss a skank with DJ MIRA at our Alumni Social!