Creativity Works: Content Production 2021 (WEEK FOUR)

Programme Officer Raymond Sichilima talks us through week four of Creativity Works: Content Production

19 October 2021

Congratulations to our group for completing their fourth week on the Content Production programme!

Here's a roundup on how it went down...


Monday was dedicated to shooting & editing their films, so our group had a chance to work on their projects independently.

Some spent the day gearing up by planning shoots for the week ahead and others reviewed the footage they had captured so far to get them started on the editing process.

On Tuesday our participants met Jon Eastman & Amy Hydes from Barcroft Media, who delivered an exciting crash course on short-form documentary making.


The group unpacked the details of the production process for docu films. Covering everything from casting contributors, shoot set-ups and writing shoot briefs to how they tackle the editing process.


It was then followed by an afternoon discussion with Casting Director Sarah Small who led a talk on the freelance casting process.


Wednesday the group had drop-in tutorials with tutors Chantal, Cieron. Our tutors were joined by Alia Pathan, Visual Artist & Videographer and Video Editor & Colourist Thierry Pung. The sessions were beneficial for the group as it gave them the chance to ask any questions around planning, shooting, editing and editorials.

Thursday began with a special introduction to the Create Jobs Digital Talent Community platform with our Communications Officer Lubna.


The platform offers fantastic opportunities where they were told they could book events, workshops, exclusive job offers and a wide library of self taught classes with access to past sessions & recorded talks called the 'collection' just for our community.

It was great as the young creatives on the course were excited to be able to also use this as a space where they could set up collaborations, share skills with other alumni, get help and support on financial help and tips in being a freelancer, starting a business or side hustle.


The day finished with a 101 in animation with Bart Yates Exec Producer at Bilnkink. Our cohort learnt about the various animation art forms, and the complexities involved in producing them. Bart also shared his journey into the industry, answered questions, and shared specialist industry wisdom.


This week concluded with a workshop with the amazing Ayumi Konno. Tackling tools and tips for the job market, how to impress employers, and avoiding cliches when creating crisp creative CV's.


Next week is the group's delivery week, they will be having more focused tutorials with their tutors that are tailored to offering feedback, helping with the editing process and 1:1’s on that crucial final cut!