Building an agenda for change in London

18 April 2013

The cultural sector has an important role in the future of children and young people in London, a city that has over 8 million inhabitants and where over 300 languages are spoken.

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(Photograph: Simon Way)

Living in a city that evolves so constantly, it is important to think how the cultural sector responds to the changes that affect young people.

From our research and analysis, we know that the London context looks challenging:

  • A 90,000 shortage in primary school places are needed by 2015-16
  • Two in five schools do not believe that pupils' families involve their children in a wide range of cultural activities
  • 40% of young people from wealthier backgrounds visit museums and galleries in their free time, compared to 27% from those less well off
  • One in four economically active young adults in London is unemployed

Is the cultural sector prepared to respond to these changes?

Building an agenda for change

A New Direction has identified four major themes for everyone working in the cultural education environment to consider: School, Home, Community and Work.

Do we plan with these themes in mind?

How can the cultural sector respond to changes in education?

How can culture make a difference inside the home?

How can culture address challenges within the communities young Londoners live in?

What is the best role for culture in providing skills and employment?

It is crucial to understand the issues that young Londoners face to really meet their needs.

A good way is to start a conversation, express your concerns and thoughts, work together and nurture relationships between the cultural sector, schools and the youth sector providers.

A New Direction can help navigate change and provide the best we can for all young Londoners.

Join our LinkedIn group – Future Agenda: Cultural Education in London, keep the conversation going and help us to build an agenda for change. We look forward to hearing from you!