BBC Proms Inspire Scheme

Booking is now open for the 2014-2015 Inspire season. If you’re a budding young composer of any musical genre this might be of your interest. 

31 October 2014

BBC Proms Inspire Scheme

Over the past 16 years, the BBC Proms Inspire scheme has offered a platform for young composers aged 12 - 18 to develop their skills, meet like-minded composers and get their music heard. In 2014 alone, Inspire has worked with over 550 young composers, and will have commissioned 9 new works and performed and broadcast the music of 21 young composers. Find out more here

Big Draw Family Day

artsdepot is celebrating drawing this November as part of the Big Draw 2014. Taking over artsdepot for one day only there will be lots of enjoyable drawing related activities for all ages based around the theme of 'It's Our World'. Big Draw Family Day will run from 11am - 4.30pm. Read more

Penny for London

Under the Penny for London scheme, commuters will use their cards to make “microdonations” of between 1p and 10p. If 100,000 people sign up to the scheme in 2015, it could raise more than £1 million. If one in 10 Londoners sign up, the amount could rise to in excess of £15 million. Read more

More information is also available here

BP Loud Tate 2014: Code

A free day of art, music and performance curated by Tate Collective London. The event explores how codes in language, fashion and technology shape culture, inspired by the displays at Tate Britain. Read more

IdeasTap creative careers: teacher Q&A event and networking event

Want to advise your students on the range of careers available in the creative industries? Interested to hear about the different routes that creative practitioners have taken? This free IdeasTap teachers' event is designed to provide you with useful knowledge to share with your students back in the classroom. For further information or to book go here

Local issues to feed into national arts agenda

A major national conversation about local experiences of the arts and culture will be at the heart of a new initiative aiming to empower local voices and support local ambitions in wider debates on future national cultural policies, structures and funding. Read more

Nicola Benedetti: studying classical music is as important as Shakespeare or Dickens

All pupils should listen to classical music in school, just as all pupils learn maths and read Shakespeare or Dickens, according to internationally renowned violinist Nicola Benedetti. Benedetti points out that music teachers often worry about whether or not it will be fun for children to listen to classical music. Teachers of other subjects, however, rarely express similar concerns. Read more

Slowdown in number of schools converting to academies

Is academies scheme running out of steam?; Nicky Morgan relaxed on academy conversions; Cambridge reacts to PGCE cuts; new assessments for primaries; DfE misses out Haringey. Read more

World Teach In 2014 this weekend!

Last chance to book your tickets for this teacher’s event. Use code WOW99 to pay get a £99 full weekend ticket (+VAT). This reduced price includes all of the sessions, as well as lunch and refreshments. Book now