Arts Award is a flexible framework which offers young people the chance to get involved in arts and cultural activities, develop their social and emotional capabilities, grow as artists and arts leaders and gain a qualification.

According to previous research, 95% of Advisers working with young people on Arts Award reported seeing a positive impact on their self-confidence, and 90% of young people achieving Arts Award continue to feel the impact on their artistic skills several years after completing their award. 3 out of 5 young people undertaking the award also said they better understood the options for a career or further study in the arts after completing the award. [1]

A New Direction seeks to ensure that Arts Award is consistently available to young people across London and that the organisations that work with them have clear plans for how their work can enable young people to progress and achieve through the arts. In order for this to happen, Arts Award needs to be accessible throughout London, with different sectors, centres and supporters working together strategically to maximise opportunities for all children and young people.

To see the full analysis of Arts Award in London, download the documents below:

[1] Hollingworth, S; Paraskevopoulou, A; Robinson, Y; Chaligianni, E; Mansaray. A (2016) Arts Award Impact Study 2012-2016: A report for Trinity College London. London: London South Bank University.