What do the Olympics mean to young people?

Researcher Charlie Tims, is running a special blog for A New Direction to accompany the Biggest Learning Opportunity on Earth schools programme

11 January 2011

Biggest Learning Opportunity on Earth schools programme is an Olympic focused, 'Inspire Marked' and London-wide programme delivered alongside 13 of London's leading arts / creative organisations, and 150 schools from across 32 London boroughs.

Through the blog, Charlie Tims will be gathering information, telling stories and looking at different ways for people to take part and engage with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by asking YOU to Comment, Organise and Document.

Track his progress as the Games draw closer, and 'Report back' by taking part in a series of fun tasks, all related to the Games, for example:

Take a portrait of a champ

Everyone knows somebody who has won something once. Find somebody who has won a medal, a trophy, a badge or a certificate and take a portrait photo of them holding it. The person can be of any age and they can have become a champion recently or a long time ago. They do not necessarily have to be a sporting champion, but they have to have proof. The portrait must include the full body of the champion – not just their face. The champion must be pictured holding their certificate, trophy or medal. Email your picture to Charlie - Include name, age, what they became a champion of, and when they achieved it. (e.g. Charlie, 67, Hillingdon District Under-13 Judo Championships Gold Medalist, 1954.)

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