Young people taking the lead

What student led practice looks like, and what conditions enable effective student led activity in schools?

19 August 2013

(The Weekly Resource blog series - highlighted examples from our library of resources, spanning 10 years of Creative Partnerships and beyond.)


Between 2006 and 2007, four different schools took part in the Creative Partnerships London East and South programme and explored & developed four projects focusing on student voice.This case study explores those experiences.

The schools' projects focused on what student led practice look like and what conditions enable effective student led activity in school.

Young people taking the lead also describes their impact and considers the conditions required for meaningful student consultation and participation.

As a result, the projects were not only successful and useful for the school staff and headteachers but also for the pupils involved as they were able to develop skills including team working, leadership skills, communication skills, critical & creative thinking, reflection & evaluation.

'The emphasis needs to be on students and teachers working together; if you put students into a pigeon hole to do their own thing, you can leave the institution behind', remembers Hannah Wilmot.

We hope you find this resource useful!

Download Young People Taking the Lead (129.68 kB Pdf)