Staff Development and Learning

How does embedding arts and creativity in the classroom improve quality teaching?

5 June 2013

(The Weekly Resource blog series - highlighted examples from our library of resources, spanning 10 years of Creative Partnerships and beyond.)


Staff development and learning is a case study that presents how embedding arts and creativity in the classroom improves quality teaching.

The resource describes the experience of three different schools in London that took part in the Change Schools programme for three years.

The schools were keen on learning about collaborative modes of staff development and were also interested in developing effective practice.

Some of the enquiries that this programme aimed to explore were:

  • How is it possible to create a culture in the school where staff habitually talk about creativity and doing things differently?
  • How can we extend the embedding of creative approaches to teaching and learning so that we have a project that combines huge current impact whilst leaving us with a secure legacy?

The outcomes

Forest Hill School in Lewisham, Arnhem Wharf Primary School and Mayflower Primary School both in Tower Hamlets carried out three projects that produced different resources as a legacy.

Some of these resources included collated lesson plans, music CDs and 'story boxes' that provided stimulus for drama and storytelling.

We hope you find this resource useful!

Download Staff Development and Learning (1.31 MB Pdf)