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Ruth Eghagha knows first-hand about the benefits of taking part in one of our creative employability programmes. Here she outlines the benefits of taking part in such initiatives for both employers and young people alike.

2 November 2015

As part of the #ivoted2create campaign team, I am campaigning to help A New Direction win £35k of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) funding for Create Jobs.

Create Jobs is an employability programme helping young Londoners aged 16 - 24 find work in the creative sector. A New Direction recently applied to RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) for £35,000 funding to develop the Creative Ambassadors programme, which will revolutionise employment recruitment for the very betterment of the artistic industry.

The plan is for the scheme to help 250 young Londoners get into employment that is creativity inclined.

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About the programme:

  • We are aiming for 250 young Londoners to receive career specific, specialised training to develop the skills, confidence and knowledge which are vital for them to take their first steps into the creative profession
  • We will support small companies to have the confidence to employ local young people, thereby creating a positive change in the arts employment recruitment practice.

The programme is proposed to run from between January 2016 – March 2017, and will include an initial phase of employer engagement and the recruitment of young people onto the programme, followed by practical training, boot-camps, master-classes, and eventually job creation and support for those young people into those opportunities.

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Benefits of Creative Ambassadors for young people

  • Work experience
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • Necessary skills for employment, especially in creative commerce

Benefits of Creative Ambassadors for businesses:

  • Enthusiastic, young people with a thirst for knowledge
  • A higher scale of energy which can stimulate colleagues and help invigorate the workplace.

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Benefits of hiring a young person

Young people (16-24 year olds) are often eager to learn and develop their profession. For this reason, they will push themselves, wanting to make a good and enduring impression.

There is no doubt that young people tend to demonstrate enthusiasm about their first real job by proving what they can do. Their determination to complete their work can inspire their colleagues resulting in a workplace with increased dynamism.

Young people help to develop workforce through their cost-effectiveness. They have fresh ideas and think outside the box which, if you put time and thought into recruiting them, can result in a very positive return on investment.

Find out more about the benefits of hiring a young people.

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The creative industry has been identified to be the most progressive industry in the UK currently, and because of its adaptation to technological advancements, it has the most promising job vacancies. For this reason, we are urging you to support our ethos by voting for create jobs (A New Direction).

Right now – we need your vote to continue in carrying out our effective and vital work with young people.

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