Autumn research round-up

Information Manager, Annie Thorpe, brings us up to date with important recent research in the arts, culture and youth sectors

1 November 2017

The Pulse Report

ArtsProfessional has released their latest Pulse Survey which looks at the effects of local authority spending cuts on arts organisations and local arts infrastructures. 81% of respondents to the online survey, which ran between July and August 2017, said their local authority has already made cuts while the remainder said it is planning to do so. Almost 80% said their local authority has cut the number of arts officers it employs.

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CLA’s steam report

A new briefing paper, jointly published by Cultural Learning Alliance and Nesta, reiterates the importance of ensuring that students study a broad range of subjects - including science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Drawing on previous research by Nesta, the briefing argues that transforming the core curriculum from STEM to STEAM is crucial for ensuring that young people have the skills needed to solve the problems of the future.

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Learning About Culture Research

The RSA has launched their two-year Learning About Culture research programme exploring the evidence of how cultural learning impacts on a range of educational outcomes. The research will include a series of large-scale randomised control trials (RCTs), run with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), which will assess the impact that cultural learning has on the attainment, non-cognitive development and creativity of students. Alongside these, the research programme will also develop practical ways to help individuals and organisations to improve outcomes for children.

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Life Lessons: Improving essential life skills for young people

The Sutton Trust has published new research exploring the recognition among teachers, employers and young people of the importance of life skills. Based on surveys of teachers, employers and young people, the polling found that most respondents agreed that life skills are as or more important than academic qualifications. Three-quarters of the young people that responded also reported feeling that better life skills would help them get a job in the future.

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The Creative Role of Research

King’s College London has launched new research exploring partnership and collaboration between academics and creative practitioners. Drawing on data from the last Research Excellence Framework (REF), the report highlights the various ways in which academic research can inform and develop artistic practice.

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