A star in our midst... or is that 4 stars?

Our very own Business and Operations Director, Eamonn Flynn, achieves top album status, and 4 star review in Q Magazine with his band, Foghorn Leghorn - 20 years after first gig!

31 July 2013

(Eamonn Flynn, second from left)

It was twenty years ago today....(actually it is nearly 22) my band Foghorn Leghorn did our 1st gig in the Pembroke, Camden.

The pub was rough and so were we. So all we're dead chuffed today to find our new album "Not Before Time" has just received 'the one to buy' status with 4 stars in Q magazine no less, plus it is also roots album of the month! The tough KPI targets we set ourselves work out to be a star for every five years, which seems about right for the good old rocking daddios we all are.

A lot of musos and artists I know mix with careers, jobs and families. The band line up is: lawyer on guitar, photographer on dobro, social worker on banjo, sparky on fiddle, a real musician on bass and finance on mandolin (me).

Other artists / book-keepers include Doris Lessing, Mick Jagger and Eddie Izzard. I am pleased to say Mick is still doing very well with his accounts after 50 years though perhaps at some cost to his music with those albums in the 80s and 90s (only 3 stars ).

Visit Foghorn Leghorn's website for details of how to buy the album

Eamonn Flynn
Business and Operations Director