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Together we can make London the best city in the world for young people's cultural and creative development

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How can cultural organisations and schools communicate better with each other?

This film presents the key findings and questions that came out of a piece of research A New Direction commissioned to look at the issues around 'brokerage' between schools and the arts and cultural sector. A new website is currently being tested with users, to find out whether an online space that brings together information, opportunities and organisations available to work with schools, can help both sides overcome some of these challenges. http://together.anewdirection.org.uk

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We connect children, young people and education with the best of arts and culture in London. We want to make London the leading city in the world for young people's cultural and creative development. We are London's lead bridge organisation.

What we do

We campaign for the value of arts and culture to the lives of all young Londoners, promote practical ways that schools and other institutions can develop cultural opportunities, and work with arts and cultural partners to ensure the highest quality in work with children and young people.